Synced Voice-over Generator

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By using the best AI services provided by Google and IBM, we offer you a unique opportunity to generate synced foreign audio voice-overs for your videos.

We use the audio of your video or a subtitle file in order to produce foreign voice-over audio files, already in sync, ready for editing and publishing.

We automate:

1) Extracting spoken text from the videos audio (or using existing subtitle files)
2) Translating to the target language
3) Generating and synchronizing foreign audio files
4) Providing you with a foreign subtitle file and a .mp3 of the audio, ready for publishing with your video

Usually synchronized voice-overs require hours of work for each hour of material, as well as cost at least $10 per minute, which adds up fast, when you are looking to process a lot of content.

Unlike old-fashioned voice-voice overs, our automated solution is faster, less hassle and costs only $0.49 per minute of video.

If you are interested in joining our beta program and start engaging new audiences, do not hesitate to reach out!

Here is a preview of our work in collaboration with Evan Carmichael!

We will be happy to hear your feedback and we encourage you to join us in the next steps to perfect this software!

Kind regards,
Kris, CEO of Cloudware Laboratory